Amazon School Rewards

One of the EASIEST ways to give back to your schools. By entering Amazon through the link below you can shop at Amazon just as you always have. But because you are entering though our portal, a portion of your purchases will then be given back to MPS and MES PTA!

How much can a school earn through School Rewards?
The potential earnings are unlimited. Schools can earn up to 10% of the purchase price of any item bought through Amazon, as long as the shopper accesses Amazon products through the school’s SchoolRewards link. (The purchase price excludes costs for shipping, handling, taxes, service charges, rebates, credit card processing fees, and returns.)

Rewards vary depending on the fee structure the school chooses and the number of products shipped each month on behalf of the school.
In some cases, too, there is a monthly cap on the reward amount a school can receive for any one shipment, notably for personal computers and video downloads.

Details of the fee structures are available on the Associates Compensation Overview page.

How it Works!
1) Log into your Amazon Account first.
2) Then, click on the link below.
3) You will be brought to the Children's Books landing page.
4) Simply start shopping anywhere on Amazon. Because you logged into your account first and then clicked through from our portal, a percentage of your sales will be sent to the MPS/MES PTA.

Use this link to enter Amazon through our portal.