Thursday, March 16, 2017

Yearbook Help Needed

Portrait Re-shoots:
Last year we offered both schools the opportunity to re-shoot portraits for kids that need their portraits redone or didn't attend school or the LifeTouch sessions during either the primary picture day or the makeup day. This is a simple portrait shoot with a background and lighting. We need someone to volunteer to take those photos. It's not scary, we promise! We have all of the necessary equipment and can walk someone through how to do this until he or she feels comfortable. The commitment would be a single day (half at one school, half the other).

Staff Portraits:
Some administrative aren't photographed during regular portraits. We think it would be nice to shoot some group portraits of these staff members. These are considerably easier than the portrait re-shoots since they don't need a background or complicated lighting. The commitment would be a half day between both schools, rounding up office staff, medical staff, and cleaning/janitorial staff (they usually arrive in the afternoon), and shooting a quick group portrait.

Candid Photos:
We have received a few files for candids and we've seen people taking photos so if you have pictures, please upload them as soon as possible to the link below. Note that it's a dead drop so once you close your session, you will have no visibility on what you've uploaded. Trust the tool if it tells you that you've uploaded successfully and please include teach/class/event info as much as possible (the tool explains how to do this). The tool/site also supports uploading directly from your phone, so do it, but do it from Wifi.

Time is quickly running out so any help that anyone can provide will directly effect the quality of the yearbook.

Feel free to email Erik Dobecky at or call at 276.920.4751.

Thank you!!