Thursday, February 26, 2015

Attention Race Fans!!
The caution flag came out for Thursday, but we have one lap left tomorrow!!

Bring in change or bills (or checks made payable to MPS/MES PTA) and put it in your teacher's container to move your class's car forward or in another class's container (also located in your classroom) to move their car back. 
The standings are:

1st - Mrs. Kelley
2nd -Mrs. Wheeler
3rd - Mrs. Medvitz
4th - Mrs. Caldwell
5th - Mrs. Flora
6th -Mrs. Dunn

First Grade:
1st - Mrs. Godlove
2nd - Mrs. Devriendt
3rd - Mrs. Younker
4th - Mrs. Burdette
5th -Mrs. Lemasters

Second Grade:
1st - Mrs. Bittle
2nd - Mrs. Eckenrode
3rd - Mrs. Geasey
4th - Mrs. Baker
5th - Mrs. Weir

Third Grade:
1st - Sakemiller 
2nd -  Mr. Berg
3rd - Mrs. Morgan
4th - Mrs. Mason
5th - Mrs. Pritts
6th - Mr. Sweeney

Fourth Grade:

1st - Mrs. Bauerschmidt
2nd - Mr. Weir
3rd - Mrs. Stalnaker
4th - Mrs. Poole
5th - Mrs. House
6th - Mrs. Briscoe

Fifth Grade:
1st - team Gusman
2nd - team Elliott
3rd - team Faith
4th - team Eyler
5th - team Cronise
6th - team Streett

Last day to participate:

Tomorrow, Friday 2/27

Help your child's class cross the finish line first!!