Friday, November 1, 2013

The PTA Coupon Book November Fundraiser 

How it works: 
The PTA sends a sample book home with the kids so that you can show them to people who might be interested in placing an order for one.  If you want one for yourself, simply keep the book and send in a check or cash in the envelope your book came in (checks go to MPS MES PTA).  If you happen to sell 5, you get one book free.  If we collectively sell less than 350 the PTA gets 40% of the profit, if we sell more than 350 the PTA makes a 50% profit.  

If you are not interested in the book, simply send it back to school with the provided envelope.  

We are raising funds specifically for field trips and cultural arts events for our schools. Questions can be directed to

We are using a new book this year, the Frederick SaveAround, and it differs from the old book in two key ways: 1) it is local to Frederick, and 2) it costs $20 rather than $25.
Also, the PTA is still running it’s Annual Pledge Drive.  You can donate easily on their website, at

Thanks so much for your continued support.